Sunday, September 8, 2013

public service announcement

Working a job where I primarily interact with the public over the phone, I have learned a few things that can make that interaction more enjoyable and efficient for both parties. They are as follows:

1.) LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously. When you call a business and they ask you a question or reply to your question, clean out your hears and PAY ATTENTION! You will get off the phone faster and not annoy the crap outta the person helping you.  For example, if you ask, "What rows have seats available?" and the person on the phone says, "All rows still have seating available." DO NOT respond with, "So would there be any seats on like row one or two?" They will want to respond with, "Um.....what did I just say, you idiot?!?!" Instead, the polite customer service rep will say, ".....yes...." If you had LISTENED to the person helping you, you would know that they said ALL rows have seats available and that includes rows one and two. You sound like a moron. 

You are calling a business. Not the other way around. Know what you want them to help you with. Again, you called them. It's understandable that questions come up, but you should at least know why your main purpose in calling. If you aren't prepared, you may be classified as a moron....again. Once you get off the phone, you will be talked about.

How do you expect to get quality customer service when you are not behaving in a quality way? When you're rude, no one is inclined to help you. Especially if you're unreasonably rude right outta the gate. If a problem has occurred, it can be frustrating. We get it. Just don't be a jerk and you're more likely to have a positive outcome. Most of the time, it's your fault something has gone wrong, because you didn't do #1. Being a turd bag does nothing except bringing you back to moron status!

Unless you feel like you've bonded with the person helping you, just don't do it. They talk to so many people every day. When they ask, "Can I have your last name?" don't go into your life story. Just tell the sad sap your last name. They truly don't care about your neighbor's scout calling and why they can't go to the show on Thursdees due to their husband's ritual of deep cleaning his toenails that night. Also, when giving your name, you don't need to tell them where you live. Example: "This is Sherrie Oltson (Olsen) from La-un (Layton)." Where you live has nothing to do with anything!!! Unless they ask you, you don't need to spout off info left and right! 

Hopefully, we can all implement these in the future and look less moronic. Myself included.

Now back to your regular blog reading program. 

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