Monday, September 9, 2013


For the past few months, some of the ladies I work with have been talking about this foot lady they go to. Her name is Geri and she rubs your feet and basically tells you all the things wrong with you. OK, there's some good stuff too. They all said how accurate she was, so I had to give it a go myself. 

My appointment was this afternoon and it was incredible! She explained a little about how it works and that it might be painful at times. Indeed it was. She started with my right foot and the second she touched me, she said I was extremely hard on myself. The tears began to flow. How did she know that?!?! Immediately I thought of my Urinetown experience. Yep, she got it. She told me I was fired and that I need to let up, not only for myself, but for my husband. Her advice was to create a mantra for myself and say it aloud when I was beating myself up. Working on it. She continued on and said:

I worry a lot. Check.
I hate confrontation. Check.
I've felt really alone at times. Cry.
I genuinely deeply love. Check.
I don't hold on to anger. Check. 
I drink enough water. Good. 
I clench my jaw. Check. 
I need more calcium. Check. 
My liver is awesome. Sweet. 
God has given me incredible strength. Tears. 

Geri got chills when she was talking about my strength. She said God sent me to my family because of that strength. Maybe I bawled like crazy. Then she looked me right in my eyes and said, "You are so awesome. Truly." Perhaps that'll be my mantra....

Anyway, she talked about how much she loved her job, because she got to meet so many cool people. I'm glad she does what she does, because I never knew my feet gave so much away and gave me so much to work on. I already have my next appointment scheduled, because I think it's pretty fantastic and is going to be healing for me. Plus, it's cheaper than tradition therapy. Boom!

If you're interested in going to Geri (which I highly recommend) let me know and I'll pass along her info to you. 


  1. Rachel, this sounds awesome. I'm an esthetician and training to become an instructor and we always talk about wholistic healing and in that chapter we touch on reflexology. I would love to get her info for myself and hopefully so that I might take a field trip with my students for a demonstration!


  3. i'm interested! is it super expensive?

    1. Not super expensive at all. It's only $30! I'll send you her info via Facebook.