Thursday, January 17, 2013

Swear words.

Where the hell is my wallet....

That is the thought that went through my head this afternoon as I was searching every belonging and nook in my room/apartment. I was in a rush to leave, because I had a job interview and still needed to print off a resume which I needed my WALLET for. 

When I finally gave in to the evidence that it clearly wasn't in my possession, I wanted to cry. The thought of never finding my vital cards in this great big city almost swallowed me up. Instead, I scanned my brain to figure out the last place I used it.

Chipotle? No.
Starbucks? No.
Duane Reade? YES!

What I had done with it after I bought those tampins (yes, "ins") and chocolate? (cliche, much?)

I had gone back to work at the Marriott Marquis and gone into the bathroom. That's where it must be!!!

So I gathered all the stuff I did have and headed to the Marquis. 

Praise the Lord, they had it!

Son of a......all the cards were stolen out of it. Luckily, my driver's license was still in there. Getting a new ID would have majorly blown. The dirty whore who stole my shiz took my debit card, my old Utah debit card, and the Mastercard Debit Gift Card my dad and step-mom had just sent me for Christmas. What she (I'm assuming it was a she since I left it in the ladies bathroom) didn't take was my TJ Maxx gift card. You thought you got everything? Well, joke's on you, bitch! I'm gonna go get myself a discounted something. 

Apologies for the language, I'm annoyed, but mostly at myself. 

Good news is, my interview went really well and I'm 92% hired.

UPDATE: I'm now 100% hired. Huzzah!


  1. I lost my wallet about a year ago this time. It made me realize that I need a second form of ID. Passports are where it's at.

    1. Oh yeah! I do have my passport. I forgot about that. Thank goodness it's at my apartment.

  2. Once I got mine stolen and one week later it was in my driveway... as in someone threw it in my driveway and took all the money ($15). As in they took the time to drive to me house. I'm pretty sure it was someone from my high school since it was stolen at a high school party.

  3. don't be too hard on yourself, you're in a pressure-cooker situation, and doing amazing things!!

  4. You're like rachel berry in new york, but ten times more bad a. Loved that story. Hope you don't mind I'm following your blog. I think you're hilarious :) I have a TJ max gift card too lol!

    1. HAHA! Thanks! Of course I don't mind. Read away. Maybe you can give me some suggestions on how to spend my gift card.

  5. You forgot to write about the part where I said i hoped she bought a nice steak dinner with the gift card and choked on a piece of grissle. Take that karma!