Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh, Alanis....

Last night, I had an audition for an episode of this TV show called Deathly Worlds, or something like that, which airs on a branch-off channel of Discovery.
After looking at the website, I'm pretty sure they just do murder shows and this one is no different. You know those shows where they interview the experts and the people involved and then have the dramatic re-enactments. I was auditioning for one of the re-enactments (which are always the best of acting....)

In the character breakdown, it basically said that this was young woman was a petite brunette who stood by her man during all of the drama. That's all that was given. No biggie. For the audition, they just wanted to interview me about my acting experience. There weren't any sides or anything. Easy peasy! 

When the casting director sat down, she said she wanted to tell me a little bit more of the story of this specific episode. The first sentence out of her mouth was, "It's about a man who starts a polygamist cult and you would be one of his wives. The first wife."

Isn't it ironic, don't cha think......

UPDATE: I got a call back. HA!


  1. now this REALLY made me laugh!
    (so, is being #1 better than the others? so many thoughts, snide comments, etc just waiting! :) )