Wednesday, January 16, 2013


That's the sound when you make when there is a popcorn kernel stuck in your tonsil. Or, if you're lucky enough like me, when you are trying to remove a tonsil stone from said tonsil.

Never heard of a tonsil stone? Go here.

I would post a pic, but they gross me out a little (remember, bodies are gross). And whatever you do, do NOT google them, as some images and videos may be burned into your brain for eternity.

Thankfully, I only get them very rarely and I've never had the haligrossis (I know it's halitosis) that sometimes accompany them, but they freaking reek like the sulfuric bowels of hell once they are removed from their homes. 

The last time I got one was a couple of months ago when I was filming an episode of Smash as theater patron #276 (first and last time being an extra.....) As my coveted role, I was sitting there watching one of the stars lip syncing her heart out, when I felt the need to ACK. 

After I quietly huhummed, a tiny stink bomb come out onto my tongue. I couldn't get up and throw the death stone away. So, I quickly stuck my finger in my mouth and threw it to the theater floor. Judge me all you want, homegirl had to do something quick. 

The only problem was, I could still smell it. Normally, those little barf balls don't have that kind of stink-range. Outta sight, outta stink. But it was still pungent. We film another take and I know the guys next to me had to have smelled it. I was so confused!

Then I had a little scratch on my neck and what did I find? That's right, the little nasty nugget itself. It was on my GD neck!!! I tried to act natural and gracefully brushed it off to the floor. Phew! Finally, outta sight, outta stink. 

Did I mention I'm super dainty.....