Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Deep Breath

When getting to know someone, you always ask them where they're from. Especially in the city, since most people are from somewhere else. In my case, when I reply with, "Utah", the follow-up question is usually, "Are you a Mormon?" I always give a slight pause, accompanied with a deep breath, wondering if I should even answer. 

Why, you ask?

Because I'm afraid. Afraid I'll be judged and afraid the person asking is going to feel judged somehow when they get my answer. There is also a million questions that follow and sometimes, I just don't feel like going there. (Don't worry, I always suck it up and tell the truth). 

My fears were validated today, as one of my new managers asked the big question. When I replied with a yes, he said his walls are immediately up now. Since he is gay, he feels that all really religious people judge him and think he's being damned to hell.

Now, I know that all people don't build up walls when they learn about my religious life, but it makes me feel funny that some feel like I won't like them or value them as a human merely because of how I choose to worship God. 

I hope I made it clear to him, that I love all and accept all and I asked him to give me the benefit of the doubt. Just because I'm a Mormon/religious, doesn't mean I thought less of him because he's gay. Also, that I hoped he would do the same for me. 

Anyway, (this a poorly written word vomit blog, I'm starving) it got me thinking about what we in the Mormon culture can do to change other's perceptions that we are judgy judgertons (I am super judgy, but only if you're stupid). If you think about it, what we really believe is to love each other, love God, and let Him take care of the rest. I want that to be first thing the world knows about Mormons and not that we "hate the gays." Hopefully, we can figure that one out. 

This blog was a little too serious/boring for my liking. So enjoy this video for your entertainment.


  1. if everyone believed like you, it could happen. keep being you, let God take care of the rest

  2. A. You are an exceptionally open-minded Mormon and I love that about you.
    B. I think all Christians/religious peeps would do well to remember the basics Christ taught 1. Love 2. Do not judge
    C. This entire post and everything it infers is very insightful. And I wait in fascination to see what happens in the future. History often repeats itself. With the church too.
    D. I think you're rad. And sometimes I judge stupid people too. Especially while riding the MTA. So that's every day of my NY life. And I like it.