Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy VD (hee hee)

I'm here. Promise. Just living and soaking up the city. I've been out (more like in) with friends and taking time to enjoy myself, hence my absence. 

Anywho, today I got home from work and came across an early Valentine's Day surprise!

Don't mind me being a creeper in the mirror....

Mr. G sent me all manner of delicious treats, a card with a buddy on it, coordinated with my roommate Andy to get those beautiful roses, and a mouth guard. 

That's right, a mouth guard. 

He is more than aware of my fear of my teeth falling out (having been with me when I don't want to do something because of said fear), so he got me a bubble gum flavored mouth guard to help me be more brave and not worry about my teeth being knocked out.  

That is love people.

Love is also when someone will be seen with you in public looking like this

Fitting my mouth guard

I hope you all have a special day tomorrow and know that you are loved by the "special" girl above. 

PS. Anyone want to help me eat some of this candy...?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Chorus girl

After a dance call back today, I realized a chorus girl, I am not. 

I'm not saying I'm "too good" for the ensemble. In fact, I think that is a cushy job. No presh. What I mean is, I'm not a good enough dancer to be a chorus girl a la 42nd Street. 

Yes, I can move and have some control/coordination over my limbs, but I'm just not the girl that can kick her face in three inch heels and do fifty spins without getting dizzy and losing her lunch. Not happening. I'm all about faking it in the face with some charm and personality, but I'm pretty sure I'm not fooling too many behind the table....

Singing chorus girl? Sign me up! I will hit those high Cs at the end of big production numbers no prob.

Just don't ask me to do it while kicking my face.  
(I will give some fierce hairography a la Beyonce)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Confessional: Fears

Since this year I'm trying to get over my fears, I thought I'd share some of the irrational ones. Here we go:

  • My teeth falling out/breaking off/pushed out etc. I don't know where this stems from. Maybe from the fact that I don't have dental insurance right now (starving actor), but I have dreams about all of the above all the time! Also, it could be because I was present at the time my dear Syd lost her front tooth. I was the only witness and it was hysterical and traumatizing all at the same time. She placed her newly freed tooth in her palm and showed it to me. Nightmares ever since. 
  • Adventure sports. Mostly because of the paragraph above. I'm not too afraid of falling (off of a cliff, yes), but I'm afraid for my teeth. Hence being a wuss about wake boarding, TUBING (most certain to knock out my teeth), mountain get the picture. I'm down to try these things, but I just might be a little scaredie. And require a mouth guard. 
  • Sauces. Especially ones that have been out for a little while and have mayo in them. Don't ask me to explain this one. There is no logic involved. They just weird me out. 
  • Child birth. Pretty sure this is legit. I definitely want kids, but the thought of physically getting them here, TERRIFYING! Bring on pregnancy, great. Just keep the baby in there or find me a way to teleport it out. I don't want it to come out the way it's been done for centuries. Bodies are gross!

Now that I want to suck my thumb in the fetal position thinking about all of these horrible things, I need to make some cookies for a Super Bowl party. Which in all actuality is gonna be some of this:

While we wait for the Beyonce concert. 

Go '49ers!

PS. I'm on this if you care