Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Welp, the cat is finally outta the bag. I've known this was happening for a few months now, hence the moving back to Utah. What I didn't know, was how/when Mr. G was actually gonna propose. 

Obviously, I knew it was gonna happen shortly after I made my return to the Lord's state, Utah. I wasn't expecting it right as I got off the plane. 

That day was a whirlwind of haze and I didn't know if it was real life. I had been up since 3 am NYC time, been on two flights and basically looked and felt like hell warmed over. When I landed in SLC, I texted Greg and said I was gonna make a pit stop in the bathroom before heading to baggage claim. Good thing I did, because I touched up my makeup to help save my jetlagged/sleepy face. 

While I was doing that, this is what Mr. G was doing:
My favorite things about this video:
  • the look of panic/nervousness when he thinks I'm coming
  • when he says, "No, I'm not ready for this!"

When I made my way down to get my bags this is what happened:

Things to note:
  • my ugly cry 
  • the child molester man with the mustache who got the hell out of the video
  • my pig squeal
  • how I snatch the ring out of the box and put it on my own finger
  • my giant backpack on the entire time
Greg was so relieved to have the proposal done and to have had asked the big question he said, "Oh, good, it's over." HA! He was so nervous, even though he knew he was getting a, yes. 

So, Chancho's parents are finally gonna be legit and he couldn't be more excited for June 28th. If you'd like an invitation give us your address by filling out this google form

Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes. If you've sent me a message, I'll respond sometime soon. Promise. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

All most there.....

I'm sitting here in the Denver airport awaiting the final leg of my journey to the promised land, Utah, reading my People magazine about how Sean and Catherine from the Bachelor are doing, naturally. There were different star sighting pics and some of them in NYC. Which, of course, got me thinking of the place I just left. 

There are things I'm definitely gonna miss. And other things that I'm not gonna miss so much.

The Not-So-Much List:

  • my nostrils being offended daily (people, find a bush to urinate in, not the subway stations & garbage day in the summer heat waves)
  • walking up those 5 flights of stairs to my apartment
  • pigeons (the devil's fowl)
  • commuting with millions of people
  • walking in rain, sleet, snow, heat, times square
  • when the A train decides to run local making me late for work
  • relying on trains to get me places (I miss driving!)
  • grocery shopping (sucks more than you think)
  • constant crazies
  • concrete everywhere!

The Miss List

  • my peeps
  • levain bakery
  • schmackery's
  • shake shack
  • pizza
  • basically all the food (fatkid alert)
  • the vibe
  • knowing everyday I step outside I'll return with some story (being yelled at across a subway car by an old homeless man faking an injury when I go to sit in a seat on the opposite side of said subway car, because he wants to sit there)
  • central park
  • fort tryon park
  • the diversity
  • the art
  • seemless.com
  • trader joe's (come on, utah county!)
  • my 24-hour bodega
  • always having new places to explore/experience
  • the shopping!
  • the empowerment the city gives 
  • the pride of surviving another day in the jungle
There are more things I could add to each list if I went on and on, but I'll spare you. I'm sure I'll reflect more on my time in the city in the weeks to come. Just bare with me. I'm in a mood. 
Thanksgiving in Central Park
One of my favorite New York "moments"

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thank you, and good night

I'm sitting here on my bed staring at all the stuff I brought with me to NYC in 3 bags and a backpack plus the stuff I've accumulated in the past 9 (almost 10) months. Looking at it all, not wanting to attempt to pack the last remaining things, it makes me think about my time here in the city. Specifically, what led me to make the move.  

Two days after I got here, I got called in for a pretty "big" audition and today I was seen again for the same role. It went well, not my best vocally, not my worst, but it was nice bookend to my experience here. Mostly, because it was validation that, given time, I really think I would book something. 

I wish everyone could experience what it's like trying to be an actor here. Let me tell you, it's hard. Harder than I could have ever imagined. You have to hustle and it takes constant energy, especially being non-equity. I can't explain it all, because it's just one of those things that you have to live in order to fully understand. With all the ups and downs, I'm glad I made the scary decision to move across the country. I would have always regretted not at least seeing (since I wasn't doing much with myself anyway). 

However, my dream has never been Broadway. It just hasn't. Yeah, it's nice to think of sometimes. It even seems glamourous (it's not that glamourous). But when I thought about my life, it wasn't necessarily living THAT life. After being here, it solidified that I was right, Broadway still isn't my dream, even if people wished it for me. 

I'm not saying I'll never be back or done performing (that's just silly), but for the time being, this specific chapter is coming to an end. On to the next chapter of life. 

PS. Come see Urinetown at Hale Center Theater Orem May 2-June 15!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Handprint on my heart


I've been known to cry a time or two.....ok, at everything and anything. Tonight I cried because I was deeply grateful for my friends. Specifically today, my NYC friends. 

(Here come the waterworks again....)

As I was on the long A (double meaning) train ride home from work, I had my earbuds in--like you do to block out the crazies that are on said train with  you--listening to some tunage. My tunes are always on shuffle (unless I need a Beyonce fix and who doesn't) and "For Good" from Wicked shuffled into my ears. With nothing to do, I actually paid attention to the lyrics. Bad idea. 

Guys, the tears poured outta me like the monsoon we had today poured outta the clouds. Adding another embarrassing subway experience to my list. 

Starting from day one in the city, my friends have been my saving grace. From calling me up to give me a job (thanks, Cy) to organizing a game night in my honor (thanks, Preston), I knew that first day, that I was going to be taken care of. It was such a relief to know that the friends I thought I had, were indeed my pals. 

During my journey, I've been able to reconnect with longtime friends, grow closer, and make new buddies (not to be confused with Buddy aka. Chancho). 

So, I guess this post is a great big THANK YOU to all the wonderful, beautiful and genuine people I love in this great big city. Thank you for taking me under your wings and being a support system in place where one can feel lost. Words will never be enough to describe the impact you've have had on my life. Yes, for good (cheesy, I know). 

Is my mascara running?!?!

My boys

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Obviously, I've been a little absent. It's not that I haven't thought about writing, I just haven't been particularly inspired....and maybe I've been a little lazy. Sue me. There's a lot that's been happening, but something things are better kept to myself for the time being.

But this, I gotta write about. 

Remember how I said Bernadette Peters is really inspirational to me? Well, tonight, I got to witness her live for the first time. Best part about it, I had no idea it was gonna happen.

I worked an event that was hosted by TDF (Theater Development Fund) honoring a man named Phillip Smith and celebrating 40 years of TKTS (yay for discounted tickets!!!). Our buddy, Phil, is the chairman for the Shubert Organization. Basically, he is a really big cheese in the theater world.  

Anywho, I get to work and we have a little meeting to discuss what our tasks are before the event begins, then we break to do our set-up assignments. As I'm walking with all my shiz in my hands, I notice someone is doing a sound-check on the little stage. I see a mass of curly red hair and it hit me: 

"Holy hell, that is freaking Bernadette!"

Here is that part that gets a little embarrassing--I got misty. Immediately. I nearly went full fan-girl. It caught me by such surprise that she was there and singing right then, that I just cried a wee bit. 

Now, I don't really get starstruck. I've only been starstruck one other time and that was with Audra (also embarrassing behavior). But, there she was, the woman that makes me want to perform beyond what I think I'm capable of every time I watch her GIVE IT singing Rose's Turn. And, heeelllloooo, let us not forget Lily in Annie!!!

Being the staff of the event, we were supposed to be "off the floor" during the program, but I was definitely gonna find a place to watch/be a creeper. 

When I went to go up to the second floor to observe, I opened a door to go upstairs and guess who was sitting on the stairs. Yep, Bernadette. We locked eyes, I panicked and turned around to find other stairs. Curse my shyness!

After finding another staircase, I found a great spot with some of my fellow creepers to watch her songs. Of course she was awesome and nailed it, but as she was singing, a thought came to me: 

Even big time Broadway stars, do random little performances that they probably don't rehearse very much and maybe don't even want to really do. 

With that, the whole thing became no big deal. NBD, guys, NBD.

Still totally geeking out. Shhhh!