Sunday, January 20, 2013

Seeing red

Normally, I'm a no confrontation kinda gal. I like to keep things light-hearted. That being said, there comes a point when a woman can only take so much and she has to speak up.

And that time has come.

For years now, people have their opinions of my relationship with Mr. G. Since we have had an atypical Utah dating experience and haven't gotten married yet, talk seems to follow us and the "blame" is usually put on my man. People even say asinine, derogatory comments to ME!

Being the private person I am about my love life, I know that some of you haven't gotten to know the Mr. G that I "stick around" for. So for the few who don't get it yet (because most people think he is the bees knees like I do) let me enlighten you. 

(He will probably hate this post, because I'm going to expose him for the man of quality he is). 

Yes, he has a strong personality (which I love btw), but he'll hold my hand and ugly cry during a movie right along with me (see, he's gonna hate this). He saw two poor dead little ducklings the other day in the park, which made him sad, so he gave them a proper burial. I mean, come on! AND he rescued Chancho from the streets of Mexico!

That "strong personality" is also why he is a born leader, majorly successful, super popular, and has huge muscles. Duh!

Yes, he's jokester and sometimes people don't understand his humor, maybe find it offensive, but he is also the most sincere human I've ever know. When he gives a compliment, he actually means it. He is always first to volunteer help to anyone who needs it. Also, does a lot of good-doing anonymously. If you only knew.... Heart of gold I tell you. Heart of gold. 

We both find things that toe the line of tact funny. Sorry 'bout it!

Yes, we've had a crazy journey and most people don't understand it, but it's OUR crazy journey and we CHOOSE to continue it. I choose to continue it. 

Again, I choose it. 

I choose it, because, like they say, the little things. Things like:
back tickles, cooking me dinner more than I cook for him, opening doors, making me laugh constantly, reading books aloud, watching LOTR marathons, walks with Chancho, poop jokes, the broken fart-barrier, insanely supportive, mad guitar skills, foot rubs, telling me I'm beautiful, letting me pick at his clogged pores, bike rides, saying sorry, forgiving me, putting up with me, his rock star voice, thoughtful gifts, etc, etc, etc.

Without him, I probably wouldn't have had the courage to move to NYC. He has taught me to be brave and has been such a champion to me. 

That is why, my dears, he is my Captain Casanova (inside joke). Perhaps I've said too much, but I couldn't sleep with at least saying something when others have so much to say. 

Now go eat a cookie. 


  1. Love it! Love you! Love G! Love it all! I get it!

  2. Sometimes when I read things you write, I feel like I'm reading my own ramblings. This is awesome. We would get along splendidly. If I ever go to New York again (I plan on it) I think we should meet up and...well, meet! If that's not too creepy. ;)

  3. I cried a little. I love you! Now make me some cookies :)

  4. HK and I went together for so long we even had someone ask why we didn't get married - if not to each other to someone else.... Sometimes we wondered why everyone was so worried about us. But then, some people have inquiring minds I suppose. You do make a mahvalus couple. When the time is right you will marry each other - or someone else. That is YOUR choice - between the two of you. So love and enjoy.....We love both of you and want you both to be happy - so there! Guess I had better not eat a cookie for breakfast though...

  5. I second this post. hooray for you an awesome guy forevs rules!

  6. I love this post. So much. Mostly because I really don't know Greg that well, and it is so good to read about some of the things that make him awesome. (You know I am not a hater anyway.) Yay for good relationships!

  7. BAM. i'm sorry you felt this post was even necessary. Long live love.