Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Welp, the cat is finally outta the bag. I've known this was happening for a few months now, hence the moving back to Utah. What I didn't know, was how/when Mr. G was actually gonna propose. 

Obviously, I knew it was gonna happen shortly after I made my return to the Lord's state, Utah. I wasn't expecting it right as I got off the plane. 

That day was a whirlwind of haze and I didn't know if it was real life. I had been up since 3 am NYC time, been on two flights and basically looked and felt like hell warmed over. When I landed in SLC, I texted Greg and said I was gonna make a pit stop in the bathroom before heading to baggage claim. Good thing I did, because I touched up my makeup to help save my jetlagged/sleepy face. 

While I was doing that, this is what Mr. G was doing:
My favorite things about this video:
  • the look of panic/nervousness when he thinks I'm coming
  • when he says, "No, I'm not ready for this!"

When I made my way down to get my bags this is what happened:

Things to note:
  • my ugly cry 
  • the child molester man with the mustache who got the hell out of the video
  • my pig squeal
  • how I snatch the ring out of the box and put it on my own finger
  • my giant backpack on the entire time
Greg was so relieved to have the proposal done and to have had asked the big question he said, "Oh, good, it's over." HA! He was so nervous, even though he knew he was getting a, yes. 

So, Chancho's parents are finally gonna be legit and he couldn't be more excited for June 28th. If you'd like an invitation give us your address by filling out this google form

Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes. If you've sent me a message, I'll respond sometime soon. Promise. 


  1. SO excited!!!! Here's to many years of adventures to come!

  2. I loved this, I am so happy for you!

  3. Your crying was beautiful my friend.

  4. So happy! I cried myself watching the vid :)

  5. Seriously love you, and the video made me cry right along with you! So excited for finallyhansen. :)

  6. One of my favorite kisses I ever had with Jake was right after he proposed!! You should have seen my ugly cry while watching this video......(I might be getting close to a visit from my aunt or I just love you guys a lot!) Julie Suazo

  7. AAAAAAAAAA. Stop it! I'm not crying. You don't know. This is seriously some of the happiest news I've had this month!

  8. You two are the cutest couple ever...best wishes for all the wonderful years ahead of you! loves <3

  9. I love this so much! I'm also ugly crying. So. Happy.