Thursday, March 21, 2013

All most there.....

I'm sitting here in the Denver airport awaiting the final leg of my journey to the promised land, Utah, reading my People magazine about how Sean and Catherine from the Bachelor are doing, naturally. There were different star sighting pics and some of them in NYC. Which, of course, got me thinking of the place I just left. 

There are things I'm definitely gonna miss. And other things that I'm not gonna miss so much.

The Not-So-Much List:

  • my nostrils being offended daily (people, find a bush to urinate in, not the subway stations & garbage day in the summer heat waves)
  • walking up those 5 flights of stairs to my apartment
  • pigeons (the devil's fowl)
  • commuting with millions of people
  • walking in rain, sleet, snow, heat, times square
  • when the A train decides to run local making me late for work
  • relying on trains to get me places (I miss driving!)
  • grocery shopping (sucks more than you think)
  • constant crazies
  • concrete everywhere!

The Miss List

  • my peeps
  • levain bakery
  • schmackery's
  • shake shack
  • pizza
  • basically all the food (fatkid alert)
  • the vibe
  • knowing everyday I step outside I'll return with some story (being yelled at across a subway car by an old homeless man faking an injury when I go to sit in a seat on the opposite side of said subway car, because he wants to sit there)
  • central park
  • fort tryon park
  • the diversity
  • the art
  • trader joe's (come on, utah county!)
  • my 24-hour bodega
  • always having new places to explore/experience
  • the shopping!
  • the empowerment the city gives 
  • the pride of surviving another day in the jungle
There are more things I could add to each list if I went on and on, but I'll spare you. I'm sure I'll reflect more on my time in the city in the weeks to come. Just bare with me. I'm in a mood. 
Thanksgiving in Central Park
One of my favorite New York "moments"

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