Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Obviously, I've been a little absent. It's not that I haven't thought about writing, I just haven't been particularly inspired....and maybe I've been a little lazy. Sue me. There's a lot that's been happening, but something things are better kept to myself for the time being.

But this, I gotta write about. 

Remember how I said Bernadette Peters is really inspirational to me? Well, tonight, I got to witness her live for the first time. Best part about it, I had no idea it was gonna happen.

I worked an event that was hosted by TDF (Theater Development Fund) honoring a man named Phillip Smith and celebrating 40 years of TKTS (yay for discounted tickets!!!). Our buddy, Phil, is the chairman for the Shubert Organization. Basically, he is a really big cheese in the theater world.  

Anywho, I get to work and we have a little meeting to discuss what our tasks are before the event begins, then we break to do our set-up assignments. As I'm walking with all my shiz in my hands, I notice someone is doing a sound-check on the little stage. I see a mass of curly red hair and it hit me: 

"Holy hell, that is freaking Bernadette!"

Here is that part that gets a little embarrassing--I got misty. Immediately. I nearly went full fan-girl. It caught me by such surprise that she was there and singing right then, that I just cried a wee bit. 

Now, I don't really get starstruck. I've only been starstruck one other time and that was with Audra (also embarrassing behavior). But, there she was, the woman that makes me want to perform beyond what I think I'm capable of every time I watch her GIVE IT singing Rose's Turn. And, heeelllloooo, let us not forget Lily in Annie!!!

Being the staff of the event, we were supposed to be "off the floor" during the program, but I was definitely gonna find a place to watch/be a creeper. 

When I went to go up to the second floor to observe, I opened a door to go upstairs and guess who was sitting on the stairs. Yep, Bernadette. We locked eyes, I panicked and turned around to find other stairs. Curse my shyness!

After finding another staircase, I found a great spot with some of my fellow creepers to watch her songs. Of course she was awesome and nailed it, but as she was singing, a thought came to me: 

Even big time Broadway stars, do random little performances that they probably don't rehearse very much and maybe don't even want to really do. 

With that, the whole thing became no big deal. NBD, guys, NBD.

Still totally geeking out. Shhhh!

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  1. Awww that's super cute...love me some Bernadette also. And my only other starstruck moment in my life was also Audra. I don't think one intelligible thing came out of my mouth, just a lot of cry-talking and wailing about her voice in Ragtime and then Rick said to me, "Here Hannah, take a picture of Audra and I," and I was saved from myself.