Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Evita Peron, La Santa Peronista

Yes, I still exist. I was getting a little crazy with the blog posts anyway, so it was probably nice to have a break from my rambling. 

Anyway, the day I landed in the city, my friend Cy, called me up and asked if I wanted a job. Of course I said, YES! He told me to come down the the Marquis Theater in the Marriott Hotel in Times Square to meet with the manager of this merchandising company.

So, I took my severely jet-lagged self down to hell, I mean Times Square, and in a blur, met my now good friend Brendan, and have been listening to Ricky Martin and the rest of the cast of Evita at least 4 times a week while I sold t-shirts, mugs, and key chains. At least I can say I worked on Broadway, right....? 

(You wouldn't believe how many people asked if this is where Evita was playing....)

Saturday night was Evita's last. I didn't have too many feeling about it, but it was kind of an end to my first era here in New York. I had convos with both Alec Baldwin and Rachel Dratch (they asked me where the bathroom was) during my time at the Marquis. Saw J-Lo, Nia Vardalos, a bunch of other people of interest that I can't remember, obsessed Ricky fans, the mini-Rickies (adorable!), and a surprising number of trannies. 

We hit up the closing night party to share in the love and food.

Allan even showed who owns the company and is also a producer on the show. He has 4 Tony's for producing and is one of my favorite people in NYC to talk to. He buys me pizza sometimes and I let him.

So, farewell, Evita. You helped me meet some quality people, make some dollars, and feel a teensy bit involved in the industry. It's going on tour in the fall and maybe I'll see you then. But hopefully from the stage this time....(hello, mistress. cast me! So what happens nooooow?)

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