Tuesday, September 10, 2013

monkey see, monkey do

I've decided acting is weird. I've always kinda thought that, but it is really is. Especially for commercials. Mr. G and I had a few commercial auditions together last week and we talked about how we kinda felt like trained monkeys afterwards. At the auditions we had to:

1.) Lay in a new hammock/tent thing and have a conversation while being flirty with some dude standing above us creepily watching.

2.) React to a grown woman wearing a feather boa and tiara who was representing a little girl we were supposed to be parents of. The "little girl" was putting on a fashion show for us and we had to respond accordingly.

3.) Pretend to shop all flirty-like in a hardware store which was actually a small little room with one guy in it. Then he said, "hey look up here!" and there was "mistletoe" which was actually a black spot on the ceiling and we had to flirt some more and then kiss.

Even though it's all quite strange, we booked 2 outta the 3. Boom!

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