Saturday, January 25, 2014

shameless plug alert part 2

OK. So I have a few things I need to tell you about. 

First, my show. I've talked about it a bit, but I really want you guys to come see it. Tickets are flying off the interwebs (there isn't really a shelf for them to fly off of so....) and I wanna make sure you get a chance to see it. It runs Feb 14-April 19 and I perform Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday nights and ALSO all the 4 pm matinees on Saturdays (I'll also be doing some weekday 4 pm matinees. If you call the box office, they'll know which ones). You can get tickets by clicking here or by calling 801-984-9000. I play older Cosette and I'm in awe of the talent in this show. Seriously, everyone is crazy good. Intimidating actually (that's a blog for another day). Plus, JVJ looks like this under his prisoner/mayor costumes. You're welcome. 
Sorry, Casey!

Secondly, my husband (who also has awesome muscles) works for the great company called Dress Code. They make custom suits and dress shirts. You guys, if there is a guy in your life or you are the guy in your life, you're gonna wanna check them out. Before Mr. G worked for them, he got his wedding suit made from them and he looked like freaking James Bond. Like the really hot Daniel Craig version of James Bond (drool). Wedding season approaches so if you want to look super fly or want your man to look super fly for your event contact my man for more info ASAP (they take 6-8 weeks). Email him at They are about the same cost as suits you buy off the rack, but you design them and they are made to your exact measurements.  Holla!
Mr. G looking hawt!

There was something else I wanted to talk about, but now I can't remember. It must be the old age setting in (turning 30 in less than 2 months. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!) Maybe I'll remember and it'll give me something to blog about. 


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