Wednesday, December 18, 2013

hansen holiday herald

Mr. G's family always puts together this little "holiday herald" every year. This year, Mr. G himself put it together. So, I thought I'd share it since I've been slacking with my ramblings (his formatting was too beautiful for blogger so you have to deal with the regular boring format and not his cool newspaper looking one). 

H#LL Freezes Over
Pigs flew and rivers ran dry on June 28th precisely as Greg and Rachel were taking their vows in the Salt Lake Temple. Rachel flew home in March from her fabulous life (working nights) and her high-rise apartment (with no elevator) in NYC, and was greeted at the airport by Greg on bended knee.  After eagerly snatching the ring from the box and placing it on her own finger, she agreed to be wed.  Rachel and Greg have been happily married for 6 months and thank everyone who came to and helped with their wedding (and who left behind gifts, money, and gift cards). They have both been busy with work, church callings, acting in plays and TV commercials, and taking care of their first-born, Chancho.  Rachel will again be in the spotlight this February-April as Cosette in Les Miserables at the Hale Theater in West Valley, UT!

Miracle of Miracles
Joel, Sharon, and the whole Hansen family have seen a real miracle this year with Joel finally recovering from his health issues, getting back to work, and back to life!  Sharon has been an angel to Joel spending much of her time playing Florence Nightengale - driving him to California and Utah and all around Las Vegas to doctors and hospitals - and nursing him back to health at home. It was a very trying year and she'd like to thank all her children and daughters-in-law for all their support and love. Sharon spends many happy hours with her beautiful grandchildren, Ethan, Kate, Courtney and especially Ellie, whose cute antics and loveable smile endear her to everyone.  Joel is happy to be back in action, and also loves spending time with his grandkids, working with (for) Jonathan, and serving in his calling as Young Men’s Secretary.

A Brain on PhDrugs
Holly’s brain is now officially fried by writing her 200+page dissertation.  She is still writing the monster but hopes to be finished with a draft sometime before 2079.  Holly will possibly graduate this May with her PhD from Oklahoma State University, but all her hopes rest on her committee chair who might be the long lost grandson of Napoleon.  If she doesn’t graduate this year she will continue to edit her dissertation underDr. Napoleon’s barking directions, and will finish with her doctorate (and possibly her sanity) in 2015.  She would write more about her life but she has none.  And her fingers are bloody stumps.  Merry Christmas everyone! 

Royal Hansenbaums

Life continues to be busy for Jonathan, Liz, and their four kids.  Ethan turns 12 in February and will become a “Geekon,” making it official when he learns to tie his own tie.  He put soccer on hold to pursue his basketball career and be like Jimmer.  He has been practicing dribbling and shooting and secured the starting point guard position on his team, learning sweet moves (and all the NBA players’ names) from his XBox NBA game. 

Kate is still swimming, practicing three times a week, and possibly developing gills.  She recently placed 2nd out of 40 swimmers in the 25 meter freestyle, and did well in various other strokes! She loves to sing and perform, and has no fear of crowds. She was a “soloist” in the primary program, and performed a Selena Gomez song at her school talent show, complete with dance moves that drew lots of applause.
Courtney loves gymnastics and never stops her cartwheels.  She recently added back walkovers to her repertoire and keeps getting closer to ringing the bell at the top of a 20 foot rope! Courtney is learning to read and has mastered the Dick and Jane books. She will be moving on to Homer's Odyssey shortly.  She is a great big sister to Ellie, who misses her now that Courtney is in first grade and is gone all day.  
Ellie is still their “peanut,” often calling herself that when naming members of the family.  She is able to shatter glass with her high pitched screams, displayed often while playing/showing displeasure with older siblings.  Her favorite activity is spending time with her best friend Grandma Sharon, and will sometimes burst into tears in the car if she winds up at home without stopping at Grandma’s house!     
“Mother Wiz” finally got released as Relief Society Teacher, only to be called to be Courtney’s Primary teacher! She enjoys full time work making lunches and doing hair to get the kids off to school on time.  Jonathan is still serving with the Deacons as 2nd Counselor in the Young Men's Presidency and is excited for Ethan to join the ranks.  He is working hard at the law firm and is glad Joel was able to come back to work, especially since Grandma Sharon has resumed sending his lunch with Joel.

Busy BYU’s
Work, school, prepping for the MCAT, and attending 5 different weddings have kept Spencer and Ashley hopping this year! Since Ashley graduated from BYU she has continued her glamorous receptionist job at the Student Health Center.  Spencer soon joined her there as a phlebotomist, while still working as a medical assistant, and moonlighting at a call center.  There is light at the end of the tunnel as Spencer will finish at BYU next year and start applying to Med schools (only to start on another tunnel).  Ashley’s other full time job is doing all the things Spencer forgets and finding medical campuses (campii?) with a year round temperature of at least 70 degrees. 

The Greatest Miracle
We are grateful to God this year for blessings of family and healing miracles. Let us remember the greatest miracle: the birth, life, and Atonement of Christ.May your 2014 be filled with the Joy, Love, and Hope which comes only from Him.  Merry Christmas! 

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