Wednesday, December 11, 2013

i wanna be like yooooou

This is my friend Taylor. He is multi-talented and apparently has bizarro dreams when he's sick. This morning he posted the following dream on my FB wall. It was too good not to share. 

"So I've been sick and my dreams have just been stellar... Anyway, I wanted to message you before I forgot tonight's little gift. You, of course, played the featured role. Don't worry Greg, you were there too. 

You were working at HCTO and for some reason they were mounting Jungle Book the musical... haha. And for some reason the set was comprised of nothing but water. Like they took out the stage
 and made the whole place a pool. And for some reason little Rachel(you) was cast not as the island girl, or even as Mogley but as the main monkey guy, naturally, and in this rehearsal you were testing this mobile mechanical cane that you rode around on above the water in the "I wanna Be Like You." number. (Feel free to put this song on repeat in your mind while you read the rest. It'll make it funnier for you, I promise) You were there too Dave... directing the show i'm sure. At any rate, the mechanical cane was really quite awkward in that it was very jerky... (not the beef kind) So as it moved around, little Rachel (that's you) is somewhat getting whiplash from it, which was fine because you do awkward on stage so very well. So it was actually quite funny.

Well you're riding the jerky awkward mechanical cane stopping only every so often for you to do a few sensible Charleston kick steps, you know like you do, when you mis step while remounting the cane. So now as it travels in it's same jerky fashion, with each jerk, Rachel(you) is now slowly slipping closer and closer to the water. Now bear in mind you are in your OWN clothes. This is like a non sanctioned "Rachel-come-try-out-the-cane" Rehearsal. Rachel (still you) being the committed actress she is completely commits as she slips slowly into the water until completely covered leaving just her hands visible still clinging to the jerky cane...

I need you to understand that my guffaw woke me from my sleep..."

So basically, Taylor's subconscious thinks I'm this guy:
Pretty fitting actually. 

I died. So funny.... Ooobeeddooooo!

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