Monday, December 30, 2013

where'd you get that?

I guess my Office Depot commercial has started airing and I'm shy about it. It's always interesting what actually makes it into the commercial and what takes they choose. The director didn't edit the commercial, the ad agency pieced it together. I loathe watching/hearing myself (because all I see are the bad things like my tired eyes due to 4:30 am call times on 3 hours of sleep), but I've watched it twice. Once with the sound off and once with the sound on. Anyway, I must have said "Office Depot" approximately one billion different ways during filming, but the ad agency picked 3  "Office Depot"s with the same inflection. Whatevs. 
Also, I'm sad the cool faux fashion show didn't make it in the final product. Mostly, because of the beautiful red Zac Posen dress I got to wear with matching red heels.

That being said, it was an awesome experience! I got a paid trip to Miami for a week (boom!) and got to hang out with some cool peeps. The crew was top notch and it was nice/comforting to have the director and DP be familiar Utah people for my first national. (PS. LeBron James was filming a Nike commercial down the street from us. The driver taking me back to my hotel was gonna try to get us on his set, but there was a scary security lady that looked like she would cut you, so back to the hotel we went).

 I'm so grateful for the opportunity and for the director, Cole, for hooking a girl up. I helped him film a fake version of the commercial to get him the directing job (he's filmed many a national commercial so I don't think he really needed my help). Once he got the job he pushed for me to get the real job. So it worked out for both of us!
(Filming the fake version
Left: Cole Webley Right: DP Travis Cline)

Here is the spot that is airing.  (click the link. I struggle at getting the video on blogger....)

 Hopefully, Cole will send me his directors cut so you can see the cool fashion show too! (he let me see a sneak peek at a Christmas party that has the fashion show at the end instead of my cheesy smile that I do at the end of the real version).