Tuesday, May 13, 2014

our big party

I realized I've never blogged about our reception and since it's be almost a year, I figured I should get around to that. With the Mr performing in Peter Pan right now, I have some time on my hands. 

For our reception, we both just wanted a fun party. Nothing too stuffy, but still classy. I also wanted to keep it as simple as possible. Mostly, so I didn't become a Bridezilla. Another key factor was Chancho. We wanted him to be able to join in the festivities, duh!

With all of that in mind, we settled on an outdoor party and found a beautiful spot up Provo Canyon called South Fork Park. We also decided to have our big party the night BEFORE we got married. Why? Because it's our wedding and we do what we want!!! JK. While that is true, the park was reserved for our actually wedding day AND we had discussed before we even knew about the park about having it the night before so we didn't have a crazy long day and could just get married, say, "peace out!" to everyone and head on our honeymoon (we dated for a long time, folks....).

After finding a place, the next thing was food. We really only checked out one place and knew it was the place for us after meeting with them. It's Marvellous Catering out of Provo. You guys!!! Their food is so baller! We had pulled pork sandwiches, an awesome spinach salad, the best artichoke dip in the world, chocolate cream cheese cake, and strawberry shortcake. Since their food is so good, customers begged them to open a restaurant and they listened. If you ever find yourself in Utah County, you must try Molly's. They are only open for lunch, but they do serve dinner on Fridays. My mouth is watering thinking about their delicious food. Although we did serve cake, I'm not a huge cake fan. So we didn't opt for a traditional wedding cake. Instead, we had a wedding pie. Mr G's mom, Sharon, made her award winning peach pie that we topped with our lego miniatures and a mini Chancho. I made the "mr + mrs" banner too!

As far as decor goes, I let nature take care of most of it. The tables had burlap runners made by yours truly, mason jars with a few stems of white orchids in them, lace doilies, other decorative jars, and finished off with assorted pink frooties. I freaking love frooties! We hung some tissue paper balls in some trees, where we greeted our guests, and in the food canopy. What's a wedding without some dancing? We had a small dance floor with some bistro lights hanging above and around it. We rented the tables, chairs, and canopy tent from Alpine Event Rentals. I highly recommend them, because they were affordable, punctual, and had great stuff.

Since it was our party, we wanted to enjoy it! So we had a line for people to wish us well for about an hour. To make sure it stayed to just about an hour, we planned a short program after the line so we had a reason to leave our guest. 

The program consisted of Mr. G and I singing to each other and with each other. I sang Somewhere from West Side Story, Mr G sang a John Lennon classic, Grow Old Along with Me, and then we sang Lucky by Jason Marz and Colbie Caillat. Traditions came next with the garter and bouquet throwing. My sister's NOW HUSBAND caught the garter (guess it worked) and my niece, Allie, caught my bouquet (I decided on a baby's breath bouquet. I thought of a lot of different bouquets, but in the end baby's breath went along with my simple, but classy theme and matched the lace in the decor). Then we started off the dancing with I Got You Under My Skin by good old Frank Sinatra. 

We carried on with more dancing and actually getting to eat some of the food. Imagine that! Then we just spent the rest of the night chatting and enjoying all the love and support from our people. It was perfect. 

Then it was time to go home and get some beauty sleep and prep to become Mrs. Mr. G.

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