Thursday, May 8, 2014


So the latest VoxBox (a box full of free goodies) I received from Influenster was a bunch of Mary Kay products. Now, it had been a good while since I've used their stuff (Sephora addiction over here...) so I was excited to try them out again. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked them. 

First up, eyes.

I got the Lash Love Mascara, Gel Eyeliner (Jet Black) & Cream Eye Color (Apricot Twist). 

I love the cream eye color! It is beautiful golden color and really pops with the gel eyeliner.  I usually like to use powder as my liner, but for a bolder look, the gel liner is amazing. I haven't tried yet, but I'm sure it would be awesome for a cat-eye look. As far as the mascara goes, I wasn't sure I wanted to try it, because I'm so in love with Benefit They're Real Mascara, but not wanting to be ungrateful, I gave it a go anyway. I was impressed. It definitely lengthened my lashes and was super pigmented, which is great. The only thing I wish it did a little bit more of was thicken up my lashes. So, it was a great mascara, but I'm not giving up on my true love, Benefit. 

Next up, cheeks. 

The blush came in Shy and I will be using this daily. It's the perfect pop of pink and you don't need much on your brush. I'm not a huge bronzer person, so you may want to get another opinion, but this one was pretty good....I think. It came in light-medium and it did give me a nice glow.

Lips are coming up!

The VoxBox sent the NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss in Mango Tango. Honestly, I was afraid of this color. I thought a more orangey hue was gonna look gross on me, but it wasn't too bad. It may not be my go-to color (I'm really more of a blue-red gal), but I admit, I've worn it more than once. The feel of this gloss doesn't feel like glue on your lips (bonus!) and it really is nourishing. 

And to finish it all off, powder.

This stuff is baller! It supposed to protect again shine all day and does just that. Win. 

Here is my look with all the above on my face. Don't pay attention to my crazy long bangs....I got them trimmed up today....finally. 
Overall, I loved these products. What was my favorite was how pigmented they are so you don't have to use much and you can make your dollar go a little further. Boom! For you, Influenster gave me some more invites! So if you wanna join, lemme know!


  1. I would love to join, but I don't blog very often anymore. Is that a requirement?

    1. Nope. Not a requirement. You do have to sync up your social media accounts and then they decide to send you stuff based on that. If you wanna join PM me your email on Facebook and I'll send one over.

  2. I love Mary Kay...big fan here already.