Tuesday, July 23, 2013

God's voice

When I moved back to marry Husfriend, I officially starting going to his (now our) ward. They almost immediately gave me a calling as Beehive Advisor in the Young Women. I was super excited! I even cheered. Mostly, because that meant I didn't have to go to Relief Society (sorry 'bout it). I always felt I would serve in the YW, but I didn't realize how scared I would be and what I was getting myself into. 

You see, I'm not that confident in my gospel knowledge, because of my religious background (a story for another day). Now I'm TEACHING three impressionable little Beehives and I get chihuahua shakey nervous every time it's my turn to teach. People may think that's a little odd since I get up in front of audiences all the time, but teaching is WAY different. In acting, I'm given a script of what to say. In teaching I have to come up with my own words to say (obviously) and I don't think I'm the most eloquent person on the planet. Especially, when it comes to churchy stuff. I want to be a good influence and a confidant in case they don't have anyone at home to turn to, but I'm scared that I'm not knowledgeable enough or not cool enough. Luckily, there are other leaders by my side to help me out when I don't know what I'm doing.

I stumbled upon this lovely pic on Pinterest and it was a great reminder of where the feelings of doubt and fear come from. Um, I definitely need to pay more attention the the left side of this pic and try to put "God's Voice" in my voice and be a light for my Beehives. 
My heart has been so full of gratitude lately for the people surrounding me that speak to me in "God's Voice". Thank you for building me up and encouraging me. I know I'm a brat sometimes and don't express things well, but thank you. Sincerely. 


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  2. Wish you could be Maggie's leader - you are perfect. They want someone they can relate to and have fun with at that age :)

    1. I wish I could be her's toooo!!! She is the sweetest!