Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Influenster J'Adore VoxBox

So, I'm part of this website called Influenster that monitors your social media and if they think you are cool, they'll send you boxes of free goodies to try out and review for them (I still have some invites if anyone wants to join). I guess they thought this weirdo would be a good choice for their Valentine's box. Here is a little run down of my thoughts on the products I got. 

Natural Lash by Kiss

Now, I've worn too many fake eyelashes to count being a theater girl and all, so I know a thing or two about them. I LOOOOVE these. They actually do look natural (as promised) and give you a hint of a boost. The look is so natural, that you can get away with wearing them with your every day look. I've been giving Cosette a little extra summthin' summthin' with them. Pretty sure that's why Marius falls in love. 
My sad tech eyes sporting Kiss Lashes

I've been wanting to find a mask that I love and even though this one made my skin feel pretty soft, I'm still on the hunt for my soul mask. Usually, masks have a creamy consistency, or hold themselves together, but this one was pure liquid the first time around. I gave the bottle a squeeze and it went everywhere (I'm feeling awkward about my phrasing of this review...). Applying it was more mess than it was worth....the first time. I gave it a second chance and I found some of the more solid clay, I guess, and it wasn't as liquid-y. So, I would mush the bottle before you open it to get a more consistent consistency.  Still, I probably wouldn't ever purchase it. Sorry, Boots!

Flat-ironing my hair isn't normally my go-to look. I prefer some Beyonce hair. That being said, if I do plug in that flat-iron, I'm gonna spray some of this in my hair. It made my hair silky smooth and didn't weigh it down. Sometimes flat-iron sprays can make my hair feel coated in greasy product, but this product just helped my hair look awesome. It's a quality product for not a lot of dollars. Boom!

Um, it's bite-sized chocolate. What more can you ask for? Classics never go outta style. Nom nom nom!

Mr. G always slathers the lotion on and I usually end up putting in on his back. NO LONGER! He can do it himself! It definitely smells like a dude, so unless you wanna smell manly, it's not for ladies (they do have a non-dude version). He likes it for the most part, but it is really cold. Especially, if you're using it right out of a warm shower. Also, since it's a spray, if you miss your body that means it's either on the floor or on the counter and it's pretty slick. 

Well, there you have it! My first Influenster VoxBox review! I'm starting to get addicted to trying new products. Maybe it's because I'm subconsciously having a meltdown because I'm turning 30 on Sunday..... Bring it!

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