Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween!


Even though I get to be in costumes a lot for jobs (theater/film), I love getting dressed up with the rest of the world on Halloween. 

Last year, I didn't get to enjoy my costume (I had a rocking costume idea too). I was living in NYC and Hurricane Sandy stole Halloween (rude). So a year ago today, I was trying to make my way down to Times Square to work after hunkering down for a couple of days with my homies (we were so fortunate to be on the Upper West Side that wasn't affected so drastically like other areas Sandy hit). 
 All we did is play Settlers of Catan & watch movies & the weather.
 Bundling up to check out the aftermath.
I'm a banana.

You wouldn't believe the madness. You see, the subways weren't running which is major! Millions of people travel via train. So if they weren't on the trains, they have to go above ground to get around. There were very limited buses and I was lucky to get on one and get a seat. Just a few stops past mine, the bus was full (like faces in armpits full) and it would just pass stops or not open its doors. People were livid!

 Traffic was insane, because everyone was trying to get around on the streets by taxi, car, bus or walking. I had never seen that many people out on the sidewalks. It normally took me 15-20 to get to Times Square on the train and in two hours I got from 135th St to like 86th street via bus. I decided to get off and walk the 40 blocks to Times Square and to work. It was an experience. But hey, I got to go home to my cozy apartment that night and so many others were with out electricity, heat, or even a roof over their head. 

So this year, it was nice to get to have Halloween back!  Mr. G and I finally found inspiration. I had seen pictures of a production at BYU that was going for a black and white film look. They dressed the actors to look like they were in said black and white film and did their makeup as such. I decided we should copy them. 

We had to try to not open our mouths because we didn't really want to put gray makeup in our mouths and the red is a dead giveaway. That's why our mouths are closed for 95% of the pictures. 

For today, I didn't really feel like painting myself gray again (the cleanup is rough) so I went for easy and grabbed a blue wig from our costume closet (that was meant for a Katy Perry costume I thought about doing a couple years ago) and called it good. 

Anyway, I hope you have a great Halloween and get lots of candy!

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