Saturday, October 26, 2013

music memory

Have you ever had a song that when you hear it, it immediately brings you back to a memory/place? Well, that happened to me this morning. 

I was getting ready for work, listening to my iTunes on shuffle, trying to cover up my dark circles, and Beyonce's Countdown started. Cue flashback! All of a sudden, I was back in NYC making my way to the train (subway) from my apartment. It put such vivid images in my head of: my building, the Thai restaurant on the corner, the dry cleaners, Jin's Superette, Starbucks, the homeless man that lived in the subway stop, the crazy long escalator at the 181st St. stop, the urine stains, the trash on the tracks, the orange and yellow subway seats, "it's showtiiime", steam coming out of manholes, the wind whipping around the buildings, etc. 

 So. Much. Wind!

 Jin's Superette
Giving my best Beyonce hairography

For probably a good solid month of my life (obsess much....), I played Countdown as the first song of my soundtrack to my commute. It helped buoy me up for the day ahead, tune out the crazies, and just put me in a great mood. It's just goes to show how cool music is and how Beyonce is queen. 

Speaking of Beyonce, check out this cool tribute to Bey!