Sunday, October 6, 2013

tutorial: how to make an ugly face

In an internet world full of super awesome tutorials about how to have super awesome hair, nails, make-up, clothes, homes, babies, dogs, parties, lives, etc. I noticed there was a gap in the market for How-to-make-a-super-awesome-hideous-face. Allow me to fill said gap with my own tutorial. 

1.) Start with a neutral face.

2.) Pull your chin as far into your neck as possible. 

3.) Flare your nostrils.

4.) Make your eyes as big as you can. 

5.) Open your mouth as wide as you can. 

6.) Push your jaw to the side. 

7.) For optimal hideousness, take picture from below. 

For some fun variation, try these: 

1.) Make your mouth as tight as possible. 

2.) Bring upper lip into gums.  

4.) Close one eye. Or attempt too....

There you have it! Now you can distort your face and be unrecognizable too. 

You may think I'm mocking all tutorials (which I kind of am), but I think some are pretty cool and helpful. My cousin, Melissa, has some great ones on her website, pink pistachio. Check them out if you want an actual tutorial and not my gibberish. 

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